“Supersize me and Million Calorie March are THE movies increasing awareness of obesity”
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“Marino has cracked the code of making obesity and getting healthy wildly entertaining, awe inspiring and educational to boot!”

-Blue Cross Of Pennsylvania

Gary Marino hitting the finish line during the 2008 March in North Carolina

Gary Marino hitting the finish line during the 2008 March in North Carolina

In the early 2000s, as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and sleep apnea raged out of control in America, national health care experts began calling for a massive public awareness effort to help battle the nation’s growing obesity epidemic. In the months and years before the media attention, Presidential Initiatives, Reality TV shows and campaigns by major health care companies began to materialize-one man answered their call with a 1,200 mile blueprint for change.

MILLION CALORIE MARCH, Marino’s film about his 1200 mile fundraiser and awareness campaign, picks up where “Supersize Me” left off – educating and inspiring the public on America’s obesity epidemic while exploring such issues as food addiction, portion sizes, the weight loss industry, child obesity, discrimination, depression, Sleep Apnea, relapse, the links with alcoholism and much, much more. But this film is more of a personal journey…

Through flashbacks to Marino’s childhood, viewers will see the influences that can lead to obesity and the battle to overcome food addiction. They will witness what it’s like to lose nearly 150 pounds the old-fashioned way – and lead a first of its kind, one-man crusade up the eastern seaboard of the U.S. to help battle obesity. This humorous and inspirational documentary will make you laugh, make you cry, and almost make you hungry!

Finish that eggnog; you need the protein. – Gram Lacam

But it will also make you think about why so many kids and adults are struggling with obesity and empower you to find ways to help them with the fight. Anyone who has ever struggled to overcome personal obstacles will be inspired by this engaging man’s willingness to laugh at himself and bare his soul.

Featuring commentary by Dr. Howard Rankin, author of “Inspired To Lose” and based on the 2005 book “Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures Of A Lifelong Food Addict” by Gary Michael Marino.


RUNNING TIME 95 minutes
Produced by Generation Excel
(in association with Studio G Motion Pictures LLC)
Executive Producers: TODD G. PATKIN and GARY MARINO
Directed and produced by GARY MARINO
Co-Producer and Theatrical Director:JIMMY JAY FRIEDEN
Co-Producer and film editing by JEFF SCHMIDT
Editing & Post-Production by National Boston and Pulse Media, Watertown,
MA Grammy Nominee JON BUTCHER contributes music scores
Sound Track courtesy of Electric Factory Studios

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