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Quick Facts

  • 65% of Americans are overweight; 31% are obese
  • 30% of children and adolescents are overweight; 15% percent are obese
  • On average, we spend $2,000 per person on AIDS research annually, as opposed to $3.65 per person on obesity research
  • Obesity is associated with more than 50 diseases including sleep apnea, hypertension and arthritis
  • The obesity epidemic costs the U.S. between $80 - $100 billion annually
  • 40% of the American population is sedentary
  • One in three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes
  • Even mild obesity increases a person's risk of having diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disorders, liver disease, arthritis, certain cancers, and other medical conditions

Gary's 15 ways you can create your own "Million Calorie March" towards health…

1. Bypass quick fix diets that don't work, cost money, damage your metabolism and make you feel like a failure. You're NOT! The long term fix is a way of life and not a "temporary phase."

2. Accept your struggle for the disease it is. You are not alone. 65% of Americans are caught in the battle along with you. Ultimately you have the power to see through the problem and change within you.

3. Don't go it alone. Organize your own Dream Team to dissect your eating habits. Seek out the best nutritionist, therapist and fitness trainer you can find. They will educate, inspire and keep you accountable to yourself. This may be the most important group of people you ever convene in your life.

4. Introduce 30 or 60 minute walks into your daily routine. Remember: your body was meant to move! Take a cell phone or walkman.

5. Just because you have a craving doesn't mean you have to act on it! Before you eat something unhealthy, fast forward the tape in your life. What has this type of eating done to negatively effect your life?

6. Make a list of the "pros" to being able to eat whatever you want. Then, make a list of "cons." The answers will astound you. In a nutshell, it's not worth it!

7. Focus on the big picture - which is health. Remember that the ultimate goal is health, not just weight loss! You can achieve health without looking like a model.

8. Try to eat for your body instead of your taste buds. Ask yourself when eating what your body gets from what you are consuming. The answer may surprise you. Realize that the American diet is NOT normal and IS contradictory to achieving health. Long before you were born, society began to expect a certain style of eating… most of which is wrong for what the human body needs.

9. Remember that food is fuel -not love. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

10. Defeat the all or nothing syndrome (better known as the "Monday Morning Dieter syndrome). Start today with a "way-of-life plan."

11. Remember that time is a tool. Healthy foods eventually taste like a treat and do not feel like denial.

12. Once you've achieved a certain degree of health, switch up your exercise routines. Add weight training, swimming, tennis and other sports to keep it fresh and interesting. Remember: "Hurts So Good" is not just a John Cougar Mellencamp tune!

13. Consume only the portion sizes of food that your body requires - not what society considers to be "normal" portions.

14. Continue to self analyze. By dissecting patterns that are unhealthy, you can actually push your inner button to keep you on a healthy path.

15. Visit for free nutritional advice and updates on the first cross-country walk for obesity. Join Gary when he comes through your town!



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